Konnichiwa! This is the Legendary Theme Known as the Kraken.
Responsive, Boundless Features, Giant Octopus & Aesthetically Awesome.

  • Introducing..

    You bare witness to the awesomeness known as the Kraken. It functions gracefully and has the power of at least nineteen great ape sized watermelons; while maintaining a clean suave finesse.

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Vimeo Video Post

We resumed business; and while plying our spoons in the bowl, thinks I to myself, I wonder now if this here has any effect on the head? What’s that stultifying saying about chowder-headed people?...

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Battlefield 3 Wake Island (YouTube Video)

Whatever superstitions the sperm whalemen in general have connected with the sight of this object, certain it is, that a glimpse of it being so very unusual, that circumstance has gone far to invest...

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Recent Work

Bottom Bar Widgets

This area is for things such as why a user should use your services or maybe to display a list of features included in your product; you can also display an icon in-front of the title.


The term responsive in the web design field is used quite a lot these days; although mostly in-correctly. Kraken is a true responsive theme resizing the content to fit your device.

User Friendly

Re-arrange the content blocks on the homepage using our layout manager. Alter most of the colours of the theme with a simple option panel colour picker.


Each one of our themes comes with: documentation, screencasts and updates. We however do not provide customization services with our themes that's up to you!