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This page should help you understand what the leviathan is capable of and how it functions. This is not the documentation but simply an introduction to the theme.


  • Full Responsive WordPress Theme – (Responsive Feature can be Toggled on/off)
  • Localised .po
  • Sample XML
  • Clean, Minimal Authentic Design
  • Drag & Drop Module Homepage
  • Widgetized Homepage Block, Footer, Sidebars (including custom sidebars for services, portfolio, faq, pages and staff
  • Left/Right Align Sidebar Option
  • Easy to change featured image height % for all grids
  • Custom Background Support: Per Enitre Site, Section (such as faq, portfolio, blog, staff ect) or for each individual post/page.
  • Unlimited staff, portfolio, faq and services pages
  • Font Awesome Icon support with shortcode makes it easy to add icons to your theme.
  • Slider Manager: Custom Post Type/Shortcode using FlexSlider 2
  • Full Width Portfolio or Portfolio with Sidebar
  • Portfolio Entries available in lightbox, custom url or permalink
  • Authentic Social Icon Widget
  • Services Template + Single Services Template
  • Staff Template + Single Staff Template
  • Blog includes: Author Bio, Related Posts
  • Footer Call to Action Block and Button
  • Shortcodes Included: Gallery, Pricing Tables, Google Maps, Alerts, Buttons, Icons, Toggles, Accordions, Tabs and More

Page Index

  1. Overview of the Theme Panel
  2. General: Typography
  3. General: Layout Styling
  4. General: Default Backgrounds & Custom Backgrounds
  5. General: Footer
  6. General: Custom Sidebars
  7. Homepage: Highlights are Easily Customised
  8. Homepage: Modular
  9. Homepage: Magazine Style
  10. Homepage: Grid Layout (1-6) Change the Blog, Portfolio, Staff, Highlight, Widget

Overview of the Theme Panel – Top

This is a screenshot taken from the Leviathan 1.0 Option Panel it is quite extensive and may take a few seconds to load due to its size.

Theme Option Panel Settings

General: Typography – Top

This theme allows you to change the core typography (sizes, font families, styles) including: Body, Headings, Navigation and Homepage Tagline. This theme supports a whopping 450+ Google Web Fonts.

General: Layout Styling – Top

This theme natively supports mobile devices (Responsive) although you can disable this function in the option panel > styling > responsive layout > disable. You can also shift the sidebar from the default right position to the left position if you desire!

General: Default Backgrounds & Custom Backgrounds – Top

We have included several default backgrounds for you to choose between. You can have a site wide background which is attached to every page, have a custom or pre-defined portfolio page background, a custom or pre-defined services background, a custom or pre-defined faq background, a custom staff background, a custom or pre-defined blog background. You can also have custom backgrounds on a per post/page basis!

The callout section in the footer is a great place to promote certain things or offers with its large text and large button. You can change the text of the callout and of the button. You can give the button an icon. You can change the colour of the button to one of the following: Button Colours

You can also change the grids of the bottom bar widgets and widgetized footer to: 1,2,3,4 columns.

General: Custom Sidebars – Top

This theme supports multiple custom sidebars. You can have custom sidebars on the following pages: Homepage, Pages, Blog & Archives, Services (Single), Portfolio, FAQ, Staff, Bottom Bar 1-4, Footer 1-4.

Homepage: Highlights are Easily Customised – Top

The homepage highlights can easily be customised using the meta in the homepage highlight custom post type. This allows you to change the icon, icon colour, background colour, icon size, and also allows you to add a URL . From within the option panel you can change how many highlights that are displayed on the homepage and how many columns of them from 1 column to 6.

You can find these options in: Theme Panel > Home > Homepage Modules

Homepage Highlights: Meta Options via the Custom Post Type

Homepage Highlights Meta

Homepage Highlights: Option Panel Settings

Homepage: Module Selection – Top

Leviathan has a modular homepage which allows you to re-arrange elements, add elements and remove elements.

The homepage modules that are currently in the theme are: Tagline, Slider, Highlights, Portfolio Items, Staff, Blog Posts, Static Page, Widgets (Widgetized area) and Custom Modules 1-6.

The “custom modules” allow you to add extra HTML/Shortcodes/Video Embed content to the homepage without editing the core php templates.

Homepage: Magazine (Blog) Style – Top

Leviathan allows you to turn transform your homepage into a magazine styled page.

Once enabled it should look something like this:

Homepage: Grid Layout (1-6) Change the Blog, Portfolio, Staff, Highlight, Widget – Top

You can also change the amount and the style of grid you are using for the homepage modules: blog, portfolio, staff, highlights and widgets. The options are: 1 Grid (full width 1/1), 2 (half 1/2), 3 (third 1/3), 4 (fourth 1/4), 5(fifth 1/5), 6 (sixth 1/6).